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As an emphatic person I always had great sensitivity to other people emotions , I always tried to find ways to make the people around me feel better, be better. I thought that when I will grow up I will learn to be a psychologist so I can understand where  the sadness is coming from so I can help them feel more optimistic and be more happy.

at times I had my spiritual gift coming to me in ways that I did not had the language to explain, I would see colours around peoples  body and I would have some kind of knowing about things.

at the age of 22 coming back from a trip in Asia,i have studied reiki and I felt that this energy work can be a good start to help others ,I loved working with energy and my love for crystals and sound healing had started. I loved reading philosophy ,psychology and Carlos Castaneda,and lots of new age alternative healing modalities,i already started to plan my first teaching course for kids, healing with colours.

I had practiced my first distanced reiki and felt that I'm ready to start my

life journey using cosmic magic to bring some subtle healing to my life and others.

life is a very fluid and at times you have plans and you just go to the other direction ,but eventually the way I see my life now, I know its all has been part of my growth and learning ,I had to go through the path of the healing myself.

I become a mother of four, relocated to Australia,and worked in the food industry for over twenty years.

still regardless of what I did I kept the flame of learning and knowing that the healer within  will emerge full force and then I can continue.

I had to practice energy work, crystal healing, meditation, reiki and affirmation work to bring me back from where I was, I had to save myself

and I did.

from this place of doing, from this place of change and growth I can say I know its working, its a combination of things that needs to be done, no one is perfect, I haven't come to be one , but the idea is that its not necessary ,we are perfect with our imperfection ,we are growing and evolving we are on the path of getting better every day step by step little steps.

I know I have something to share with the world, and I am ready to do so.

especially after the last few years when our life has been shifted so drastically know - Its time to heal!!!

its time to spread love, light, hope and courage.

its time to step into our heart, open up to the wisdom of this world , the nature, the sound, the touch, and tap into our own innate healing that we all have inside.

we need to open our tool box and start putting there all the different tools we can use.

we need to empower ourself and trust our intuition, we need to learn and practice we need to find our own way to reconnect to our heart and soul, to learn the secret where mind can change matter, to use all the gift we received from the creator in this world.

The sound, the sight, the touch,the smell, the taste, the connection, the communicational all of it- its ours to take- we need to know and believe that we are all deserving the  good in our life, in our health, in our finance, in our relationship, on every aspect of our life.

so yes here I am a reiki master, meditation teacher , sound healer, crystal healer, but regardless of this titles I am a true believer that this is the time to heal, and I really want to be there for you to facilitate space for your own healing journey, as I said before you are the healer.

It's just about the support around learning new ways, experiencing new ways and just do it.

I am here for you and for myself, we are one after all in the root of our soul- so let's do it together!


love ravit.


after listening to you it all resonate with media really want to learn more


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