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Cosmic Heart Healing

Cosmic Heart Healing is here to help you guide on your journey of self healing. Here you will learn of all the different ways you can deepen your conection with your inate healing ability. Facilitating a safe space and offeering the opportunity to learn and experience diffrent modalities of old and new remedial ways. From using the power of sound and vibrations to calm, connect and balance you energy centers, your mind and emotions. Reiki a form of hands on healing helping you connect with your emotions and bodly sensation to increase the flow of life, energy and relaxtion. Meditation is a powerfull tool with many techniques and varieations can help quiet the mind bring awareness, self love, emotional regulation as well as enlightne your prespective of who you are in a positive way. Your tailored journey will teach you how to utilise crystals to connect to to your higher and the collective wisdom of Gaia, Mother Earth wisdom. Together let's emplify the stream of inate magical powers within balanceing your energies and solidifying internal self reflection.

About Section

Crystals-earth tresures

Crystals are Mother Earth's gift to us, they belong to the earth's mineral kingdom.

they come in different shapes, colours, sizes and mineral combinations.

It is well known that throughout the history of different cultures crystals have been used for different reasons, they have been highly appreciated by kings and royals as well as healers.

Along with their beauty, they are known to amplify energy and it is believed that they are wisdom keepers of the earth.

Crystals have been underground for a long time, absorbing and witnessing this world's evolution.

These days the awareness of the power of the crystal is growing and there is a growing interest in connecting and communicating with their unique subtle gift to us.

Your crystal will call to you and ask for your attention when you open your heart and mind to ideas,

their healing powers are something to explore when meditating

it's exciting and empowering to let them into your life.




From the moment we were born our bodies gradually have changed and grown, we all have been witnessing our body's magical ability to bounce back into a healthy state. The body can heal itself, and we can help in this process by affirming and supporting our nervous system to be in a state of calmness, to accelerate the healing process.

It is our innate ability and it's amazing.

When we learn to support ourselves and take care of ourselves with a balanced life, emotions, and actions,
our mind has the potential to create change for good or bad so the key is to be mindful and aware of our thoughts, emotions and belief system. Doing so allows support for each component to work together in harmony creating a holistic base to evolve into our best selves in this life experience.

There is so much information available to help us understand and experience the different ways we can enhance our natural and innate ability to heal.
Meditation, sport, nature, sound, crystals, food, social interaction and self-love.

We must continue expanding our toolbox and incorporating different methods into our daily life for improvement. 
You will find there is a time and a place for every technique relating to your current circumstances. 

By collating and sampling different ways of healing we learn what works best, each individual is different.
With an open mind using ancient and well-known wisdom we can learn grow and heal.

It is never too late to start and never too late to continue.
As long as we are here we still have the opportunity to change and learn to understand ourselves and the world around us.
We all have an internal calling to create a better life, and better living circumstances, grow our personalities and build better habits.
The goal is to have a better understanding of ourselves and a life full of love and contentment, full of many moments of joy and fulfilment, welcome to the continuous life journey where we learn to connect to our higher self, to be motivated to grow our healing abilities, to listen to our internal voice that knows, that try to guide us when making decisions, to empower ourself and our life, to manifest our dreams after we align with them with our true nature and being.
We invite you to join the healing tribe at Cosmic Heart Healing Wellness Centre.
Here we will guide and teach you to open your heart and soul in the most subtle yet profound way.
It's a journey worth trying.
I have seen and experienced the change built into my life for the better and continue to do so everyday.
I would be honoured to be a part of your journey and help facilitate this positive change in your prsonal life.
You deserve all the good life has to offer. 
Are you ready to give yourself this opportunity?
Love, Light and Peace,



Your Journey Enhancement Tools Are Here!



Tuesday -workshop

11am-8 pm

privet session 

by appointment





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