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Every sound healer have his own way to facilitated the sound healing ceremony.

and regardless of that every sound bath will have its different experience and impression on you.

as so many factors can impact the experience, the size of the group, the ppl in the group, the mood and emotions that had been experienced on the day, the wether, the time and so on, but, despite that every session will bring you closer to be in calm, to get to know yourself, to feel connected.

It's a great idea to explore different styles of sound bath and be open minded to the positive shift it can have on you to start your healing journey.

At cosmic heart healing centre you can be sure that your best experience is our first goal in mind.

Before every session we make sure to align ourself to our heart and open up the love Chanel so we can spread the love and motivate you to do so.

I love to create small groups of max seven people and start the ceremony with breathing and connecting the energy of the group with a short guided meditation.

this way there is a unification energy of the group to enhance the positive experience.

the session length is between one hour to one and a half hour.

come few minutes before so you can have a cup of herbal tea to help nourish your body with healing herbs, you can get familiar with the people of the group so everyone feel safe and relaxed .

we provide mat and blankets ,but you are welcome to bring your own if it feels right for you.

I love to support the session with the help of our beautiful crystals and you will have the opportunity to experience working with crystal, you can bring your own crystal if you feel that you want to connect in different setting, like the sound healing bath.

I will use a combination of crystal bawls ,Tibetan bowls, and other instruments to create the different sound that will help you balanced and empower your energy centres.

I will guide you through sound, and your own imagination through the session to reactivate the pillar of light energy within so you can learn to use it along your journey in your daily life.

I find that it's important trying balancing the energy centres of our body on a daily base, so I will give some tips of how you can do it all by yourself.

luckily this days we are blessed with many researches that try to prove the impact of sound on us in many different levels.

the sound will work on you physical body, energetic body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body.

please refer to the book list below to learn more and possible join our introduction workshop on how to use sound to bring balance and allow growth, change and improve that way roundel with stress and fear, and have the ability to do it all by yourself.


Recommended books to explore.
we also have some titles to purchase in store.


The seven secrets of sound healing/Jonathan Goldman 2008

Healing sounds: the power of harmonics/Jonathan Goldman 1992

Tuning the human Biofield   /Eileen mckusick 2014

The power of sound/Joshua Leeds 2010

Vibrational medicine/Erica London 2020

Vibrational sound healing/Richard Gerber 2001

Sound medicine /Wayne Perry 2007

Sound healing with the five elements/Daniel Perret 2005

Secret sound /Ted Andrews 1992

The book of sound therapy/Olivia dewhhurst 1993

The healing tones of crystal bowels/Renee Brodie 1996

Reiki therapy 

Reiki is in the category of energy healing.

the method use both hand on healing as well as distance healing, where there is no need to touch a person rather to direct the reiki energy toward the person.

its about the idea that the healer is becoming a Chanel to the healing energy and enhancing the flow of healing energy within and around the person.

it has been studied that each of the human organs and parts are vibrating in a different level, but in harmony and in flow, when this flow get blocked or unbalanced the body start to manifest illness.

everything can impact the perfect balance of our energy centres with in our body and with in our aura, we might not be near of it but its important to know that unhealthy food, unhealthy relationship, un healthy thinking negative thinking and emotions as well as stress have a great impact on our overall flow of vibrant energy.

this energy can be called in different names according to the different traditions, chi, ki, para, ruach.

the idea that the energy is flowing across our body through all our organs is not new, chines medicine helping the flow with acupuncture,indian medicine help balance the flow and remove blockage via Arvada, herbs, food, and panic healing .

when we start feeling that we are not in a balance state we will notice that through our body, our motions, our actions, and our thinking.

its important to be able to bring back the balance and work on a daily basis to align our energy centres ,to increase calm and relaxation, to detoxify, to feel and be in high vitality and so we can enjoy a health in our body and mind.

reiki helps us to get one step closer to achieving all that.

in a session you will have the opportunity to remind your body how it feels when your energy centres are recharged,you will step into the relaxation zone and enable your body to start your own healing ,as the body can only start the healing from within only in a calm state.

the treatment is done in a calm setting, with lovely relaxing music, there will be a mix of on the body and over the body positions, but if feeling not at ease no problem at all.

I use crystal intuitively to help the energy circulation and

enhance the session.

the only thing you are require to do is come with open mind and heart so you can have an amazing shifting energetic flow and might experience that by seeing colours, or tingling , or like electricity running from inside in a subtle way.

you surly heard of the placebo and nocebo effect, its working for well in every experience of our life, when we are opening up to the possibilities we will see and feel it.

if after the session you will find interest in learning more about reiki you are Wellcome to join our worksop - introduction to energy healing, and then if you really think you want to learn how to activate this reiki energy by yourself for yourself and for supporting others you are Wellcome to join our reiki level1 course.

looking forward to share my gift with you.

love and light




what is and can I do doit?

I know many ppl who hear the word meditation , get confused, and think that in order to meditate you need to learn really hard and to become semi Buddha :)

so- no its not, there is so. much misconception in regard to this word, but to simply put it, it can be very simple, very easy, and very versatile.

everyone can mediate,and almost everywhere,at and at the time of your choice , morning upon wake up, mid day or evening before bed time.

to mediate is simply to create a space within yourself where you can calm down, relax, and be.

its about opening up the channel of peace within, and learning about yourself, about your surrounding and how be in the present, and at time using imagination, breathing , sound, nature and self love.

it's about learning to quit the compulsive stressful inner loop we get stuck in.

its about letting go of stuck painful emotions, its about learning how to regulate,how to be grateful, how to stop judging , how to be more receptive to the beauty around and be charged by it.

meditation is so may things in so many different ways, that probably you are already doing some of it with out knowing that this is also can be called meditation.

the vast ways to step into our peaceful state of mind, and state of being is endless, and the benefits of regular daily practice of mediations is well researched and known.

surly we each can experience in some and find out what can be the best ways for us to feel that we are shifting ourself into a more balanced and happy life and health.

the secret is to just keep on going and doing .

it can be a walk in the nature or local park, it can be at your back garden immersing yourself with the sounds and smells of the green , it can be in the forest, ocean, your sacred space that you created at home.

it's truly so simple, and so helpful.

when you feel that your want to learn more of how to explore different ways of meditation, like guided meditation,or sound meditation, or crystal meditation you are Wellcome to join our different workshop that we offer.

you can experience and learn new ways to connect to your higher self, to find the inner wisdom to a better solving problems and dealing with life challenges, you will be able to find new ways to connect to yourself, nature and the world .

finding inner peace and inner love is one of the most important tools that we can gift ourself on our healing  journey , we need to remember how to connect to our innate abilities of our mind, body and soul.

we need to learn to trust our intuition, trust that we can recognise what is good for us and what is not so we can make a better choices.

we need to open up to the possibilities and make our dreams come true.

important aspect of our ability to bring us to walk our own path and make our dreams come true is using our imagination, using our mind, and using our heart all in harmony.

when we slowly learn to recognise that we are in this harmonic state we can balanced it overtime when it gets out of balance, and it dose get out of balance all the time:)

let us be  for a few meditative moment in the spirit of a child when his imagination has no boundaries, where 

his excitement and curiosity is wide open and very intense that he is motivated to explore, break limitations, and free in his spirit to believe that everything is magic- as it really is.

let us remember how is it to be full of gratitude and appreciation, joy and bravery,limitless and open to the 

never ending possibilities, lets step in once agin to this feeling, lets get excited lets expand our belief system

in our own abilities, in the world beauty and magic, in the power of love and self love, in the warmth of the sun, the green of the forests, the taste of the honey ,the smell of the blossoming flowers, they loving gentle  hug ,the wind on our hair, the sound of the singing birds, and the unity of it all - us, the world and humanity.

lets us get closer to feel the cosmic heart healing energy all around us in us for us and from us.

love and light


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