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You are the healer!!!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

welcome dearest followers , Wellcome to my inner world. I feel confident that my words will be read by those who have the wish to get a bit more familiar with me and my personal world. over the years that has past and especially over the last two and a half years I have been privileged to cook and serve my community. I have learnt so much about each and every one and had the opportunity to deepen the connection between me and my loved customers, which I call family. I think that everyone had to find new ways to deal with the new ever-changing life, fear, uncertainty, isolation, sickness, lockdown, curfew ,social distancing, cancels of events, cancel of school, cancel of every aspect of our life as we knew it, and we had to just get along and do what we have been told, we had to be attached to the screens to figure out what will be with us and our kids the next day, the next week, only few hours to get out from home ,not leaving our 5 k radius, not visiting family at hospitals, not going on vacation, not celebrating, not socialising, not living our life rather living in fear and the unknown. walking in empty streets that looks like ghost town ,it was quit scary I must say.

while we all did our best to survive, while some businesses among us didn't, I had the luck to be open and accommodate some sort of social interactions while ppl came to get there special treat for shabbat, I felt at the time that thank god even all the world a round is changing at least the table for shabbat will be the same, some sort of comfort, some sort of affirmation that not all our world has been taken away from us in a blink of an eye. I saw some stolen hugs when it was forbidden, I saw some small hand shaking when it was against the law I saw the nature of humanity to be in touch, conversation, connection and love struggling to make sense of it all, and some would be called rebels ,were the ones who just couldn't ignore this need regardless of the advise that was at the time. I have never had such a fast learning about the human nature as I had in this last two years. I love ppl and I love learning about human behaviours, I am emphatic person and I can feel ppl even when they are not talking in words, I just sense it. I have seen so much sadness, that is not going away even this days when we are allowed to do what we couldn't over the past two years.i see so much confusions much agitations so much stress-no one should wonder why, its clear. we have been traumatise, and now we live with post trauma stress disorder on a global scale. when a person live in fear, been isolated and not having social interaction, not knowing what will happen tomorrow, not having the regular source of income to bring safety to his life, not having freedom to move to choose, to do, being locked and being threatened its not surprising at all . we are still finding that our basic needs now are in danger, price of every day living is increasing, and the fear of another pandemic, another lockdown another global crises calling us from every media outlet, no wonder that not too many ppl smiling, no wonder the depression is at level high, no wonder that we are feeling tired and not at ease.

and that is why I am so sure that now-is time to heal!!!

A t times in my life I had to face the same truth, to understand that I have been going through ongoing trauma, that now in the aftermath I will need to start my healing journey. non of it is easy but its required. its can take some time but if you keep walking your way, and not giving up the change will come and the healing will happen and at the end of the day, not end of your journey you will find out that what you have become is your choice, you take ownership to your life, and like an artist who get a plain canvas to create his art upon it ,that is your life, you choose and you do , you learn and you change, you grow and you heal. one of my slogan is"we need healing from the moment we were born to the moment we are gone." I know that every person have his load of trouble and difficulties. that is the human nature. we can not run away from it we can not avoid it and we can not skip it, that is some of the opportunities that we get in order to make decisions and make a change. sure we all rather have the push for a change in a much subtle way and more soft and less painful, but somehow it seemed that the human nature is mostly dependent on this kind of strong motivation to act upon his life to change it and to be awaken to his truth, of what he really want and to create a way to achieve it. whether it be love, health, money, success... we need to find the courage to decide that we are open for a change. we need to find the strong believe that we can make that change. we need to allow ourself to be open minded , learn and not judge . we need to be willing to ask for help . we need to know that we are all deserving for love, for a good life, for happiness, for health ,protection and safety. we are born to manifest our truth in us, each one in his own special way. I know it might sound a bit far fetched, but trust me its really not too much to ask, and it is not too mach to achieve as well. one step at the time. one step little step, every day.

so how to start? living in fear is not helpful- so better to eliminate the source of it, too much radio and t.v? put instead you favourite music to bring you joy and calm. living in stress? learn how to reduce the stress, walking in nature, visiting a friend ,dancing singing, breathing, meditating, living in dis ease ? find the way to know your body better and help it heal, healthy food, enough sleep, movement , living in loneliness? find your new tribe to connect, learn new hobby ,connect more to yourself. happiness is composed of the gathering of small moment of joy, start collecting them. gratitude will fill up your life with more of what you have. helping others will help you appreciate that you have so much in you and you can share it too. being with a positive mindset will keep you on track from not stopping trying to achieve what you want. having believe in something greater than you will provide the support and the assurance that its not only you and that you are loved and supported by the Universe. being kind to yourself will create a safe space within so it can later on be projected outside. loving yourself will enhance your ability to demand from life what is your birth right, to be loved, safe, and supported. pray -send your wishes up to the heavens, when we use our voice to speaking pray ,just as we are in the image of god, we were giving the power to create with our inner and outer sound, voice, let us just do that and ask to be created for us -healthy, happy, joyful life. we forgot that the whole world was created just for us, and it's a beautiful world with beautiful people, with beautiful nature all around us so let's get our attention and intention in that. in the good, in the beautiful, in the love and in life. I want to wish you all a blissful year. a year full of health, happiness, love, success, joy, protection, friendship, growth ,acceptance, forgiveness, and peace. I love you . ravit

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